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We Assess, we treat, you recover


To establish a welcoming health care clinic with a team of passionate practitioners in areas of Myotherapy, Physiotherapy and other multi disciplines and enable patients to experience the greatest customer service and treatment in Australia.

Welcome to Victory park health group and we thank you for choosing us to be your preferred health provider. Your initial consultation with us will involve your treating practitioner in getting us much information about your health/lifestyle in the now and your past. This will give your practitioner a detailed understanding to therefore come to a diagnosis on what your specific occupational/sporting injury is.

On the Spot claiming is also available through our HICAPS terminal

A diagnosis and treatment plan a vital in maintaining good communication channels between not only practitioners and patients but when being referred to another team member they can take all of your previous history and treatment into account.

Victory Park health group is a specialised healthcare clinic located in the South-eastern suburb of Bentleigh. Approximately 14km to the Melbourne CBD. Victory Park Health Group has a dedicated group of practitioners in fields of Physiotherapy, Myotherapy, , Pilates. Victory park health group services all of the surrounding suburbs: Bentleigh, East Bentleigh, Brighton, Brighton East, Hampton, Hampton East, Moorabbin, Caulfield,

This allows us to manage you from stage 1 of your injury to the full extent of your recovery.

At Victory Park Health Group we know that when it comes to your health, rarely does “one size fit all”. This is why we spend the extra time with you in the initial assessment to ensure we know all about not only your present situation, but your past.

Following this our team will then complete a hands on assessment to ensure all involved have a detailed understanding on what your specific occupational/ sporting injury may be.

We believe that a proper diagnosis and treatment plan are vital in your recovery. Our multidisciplinary team will guide you through whatever concerns or questions you may have regarding your injury and subsequent treatment.

If you have any questions feel free
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