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Physiotherapy Bentleigh

Victory Park Health are the industry leading name for physiotherapy in Bentleigh. In our cutting-edge rehab gym we work with our clients to develop exercises and solutions that help to reduce and eliminate pain without the need for surgery or heavy medication. Improve mobility, strengthen muscles and reduce joint stiffness with the help of our highly trained staff. Our team works hard to make sure all of our patients leave feeling better for longer, with treatments designed according to the needs of the individual.

With physiotherapy Bentleigh patients suffering from a wide range of afflictions and sources of pain can find a long-term and focused solution. No matter what the nature of the injury, our team can develop the perfect treatment plan to provide greater physical independence and joint mobility to all patients.

Clinical Pilates Bentleigh

You’ve probably heard of Pilates, the exercise regimen that boosts core strength and improves balance. When it comes to clinical Pilates Bentleigh residents trust our experienced team of trainers to develop a program that will target specific muscles, leading to clear improvements and benefit their overall wellbeing.

At Victory Park Health we employ a team of qualified practitioners, offering clinical Pilates to Bentleigh residents looking to improve their range of mobility, coordination and flexibility with a planned and accessible exercise routine aimed to evenly work on muscle groups throughout your entire body.

Our clinic is easily accessible via public transport and includes a large car park providing plenty of space for our patients. Visit us today and take the first step towards a life free from pain.

Myotherapy Bentleigh

Speak with a member of our skilled team today to learn more about our range of treatments in myotherapy in Bentleigh. Used to improve joint mobility and treat soft tissue pain, myotherapy uses a range of different techniques, including massage and hot or cold therapy, to build a solid foundation for improved health and wellbeing, helping to counter the causes of your pain and discomfort.

When it comes to effective pain treatments using myotherapy Bentleigh residents know they can rely on our team of qualified practitioners to help them find a pathway to recover and a life free from discomfort. Learn more about how myotherapy can help you to live a more balanced, energetic and productive life by contacting the Victory Park Health team today.

Sport Injury and Remedial Massage Bentleigh

To experience the true benefits of a quality remedial massage in Bentleigh look no further than our skilled team at Victory Park Health. A common way to heal sports injuries, remedial massages, when used with other effective therapies, help the body to heal damaged muscles with the necessary strength of the massage changing depending on the patient and the nature of the injury.

Whether it’s an existing or recent injury our practitioners can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, and with help from our remedial massages Bentleigh patients can experience a freedom of mobility that their injuries have denied them.

Sports injuries often require visits to several specialists in multiple clinics, a process that often causes information to be misplaced or forgotten, and treatment to be delayed. Thanks to our on-site gym we can offer effective and comprehensive treatments for sports injuries for Bentleigh athletes of all ages.

So when searching for effective remedial massage treatment for a new or existing sports injury Bentleigh residents turn to our team at Victory Park Health.

Bursitis, Back Pain & Headache Treatment Bentleigh

Bursitis is a commonly occurring and painful condition affecting the joints. An inflammation in the bursae, or cushions between bones and joints, bursitis can develop in several places around the body, with a common occurrence being ‘tennis elbow’.

At Victory Park Health we offer unmatched service and care when it comes to combatting bursitis as well as providing back pain and headache treatment for Bentleigh individuals suffering from the condition.

With all our qualified practitioners working in under the same roof, our patients can be sure that they are receiving extensive and specific treatment to provide lasting relief from pain or discomfort. Thanks to our bursitis, back pain and headache treatments Bentleigh patients can enjoy a better quality of life, and break free from the restrictions of their injuries or physical impairments.

For more information on our range of proven bursitis treatments Bentleigh residents can call us today on 03 8506 9995.

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