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Physiotherapy Caulfield

For the best physiotherapy in Caulfield ‘near me’ turn to the trusted experts at Victory Park Health. Our team of experts will structure a program to help you bounce back from injury and strengthen your muscles to prevent niggling pain from turning to reoccurring injuries down the track.

With our very own on-site rehab gym our physios can help you to improve joint mobility and strengthen muscles which may be weakened due to surgery, injury or age. We deal with everything from serious sporting injuries to joint or muscle stiffness.

Pilates Caulfield

Our team of physios are also trained Pilates specialists and can develop a program for you to strengthen your muscles whilst also improving flexibility, balance and posture.

Athletes from all disciplines can benefit from a Pilates routine to round out the muscles that are not exercised by their regular routines and help to correct muscles group weaknesses or imbalance.

To learn how Pilates may be of benefit to you get in touch with Victory Park Health Group, the experts for Pilates in Caulfield.

Myotherapy Caulfield

Myotherapists treat a wide range of muscoskeletal pain and associated conditions with evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. At Victory Park Health Group our team of therapists work together to combine the most effective treatments from physiotherapy, Pilates, and Myotherapy. Caulfield locals can benefit from this holistic treatment plan when seeking advice on any kind of muscoskeletal pain or discomfort.

Our treatment rooms are located close to public transport with ample parking space to accommodate all our patients. If you would like to know more about how the team can help to diagnose and treat muscoskeletal conditions call us on 03 8506 9995.

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