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Physiotherapy Hampton

When looking for the professionals in physiotherapy Hampton residents trust the staff at Victory Park Health to deliver lasting pain management solutions and strategies.

Our on-site rehab gym is a first across Melbourne and allows all of our patients’ treatments to be completed at our clinic. Our team consult with one another to ensure each patient is always getting the best treatment available to help them eliminate the cause of their pain or injury.

With targeted physiotherapy Hampton patients can experience lasting relief from discomfort and enjoy increased joint mobility and physical independence. The Victory Park Health team works with each of our patients to not only treat their injury or condition, but to provide them with strategies and practices to avoid a reoccurrence of the injury of issue.

Clinical Pilates Hampton

When it comes to clinical Pilates Hampton patients look to the friendly and experienced team at Victory Park Health. More targeted than traditional Pilates routines, our staff help our patients to develop a series of exercises that improve mobility, strength muscles and joints and promotes healthy posture and alignment, utilizing equipment like the Allegro Reformer.

By utilizing clinical Pilates Hampton residents can strengthen and tone muscles across their body, providing greater overall flexibility and range of movement. Our practitioners can prescribe exercises or stretches that correct posture, help to combat back pain and aid balance and coordination. Learn more about the lasting benefits of clinical Pilates by contacting Victory Park Health today.

Myotherapy Hampton

If you’re searching for professional services in myotherapy in Hampton, then turn to the experienced team at Victory Park Health. If you’re suffering from an occupational injury, back pain or headaches then our team can help you find the right solutions through myotherapy to combat the pain and provide solution to ensure lasting effects.

Whether they’re looking to increase productivity, exercise more freely and frequently or take steps to reduce stress, the Victory Park Health team can use individualized myotherapy for Hampton residents wanting to get back to feeling their best. Our treatments can help our patients take their health into their own hands once more, delivering a comprehensive plan to promote both long-term physical and mental health.

We are located 14km out of Melbourne, with parking is readily available around the clinic and public transport nearby. Learn more about how we can help you get back to your best health by calling 03 8506 9995 today.

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