What to Expect When You See a Dietitian….


What to Expect When You See a Dietitian… You may have heard the good news that Victory Park Health Group has welcomed a dietitian; Isabel Keeton to join the amazing team. If you’ve always wondered what a dietitian is or what to expect then keep reading. What is a dietitian? An Accredited Practising [...]

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Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe


Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe This gnocchi recipe is a favourite of mine. It’s a great go-to for a satisfying meat-free dish. I’ll often make extra for lunch the next day or to freeze for another time. Its quick, easy and great to get the kids involved with; rolling the gnocchi is something they will [...]

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Non-diet blog


Non-diet blog As a dietitian, most people that come to see me are expecting to be weighed, receive a meal plan and told to cut out their favourite food. I’m a bit different though. I work using a non-diet approach. This approach is slowly growing in popularity but it’s still new to a lot [...]

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My Chicken Mango Salad Recipe


My Chicken Mango Salad Recipe I first made this recipe on one of those hot summer nights when there wasn’t much in the fridge. The salad ended up being a cross between a traditional mango salad and a chicken Caesar salad. Now it’s one of my go-to salads in the summer because I [...]

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What is a Stress Fracture and What Can Be Done About It?


What is a stress fracture and what can be done about it? Stress fractures are a common injury type for athletes and gym goers. Of this population, runners and basketball players have the highest risk. This is most likely due to a combination of over-training and heavy impact on a hard surface. Basically [...]

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Is My Spine Out of Place?


Is My Spine Out of Place? In short ... No. In treatment sessions I generally avoid the topic when someone states that their spine is out of alignment and they require help to put it back into place. It’s not the patient’s fault really as that is what their pain and symptoms feel [...]

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Is Pilates the best exercise for backs?


Is Pilates the best exercise for backs? It really depends at how you interpret the relevant research. I think the really important thing to consider in answering this question isn’t the form of exercise, but the instruction given with it.  I strongly believe in Clinical Pilates not because of the exercises it uses, [...]

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