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Michael Patterson

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Michael graduated from Monash University in 2009 and has worked in public and private hospitals, private practices and aged care facilities in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Specialising in Pilates and strength training Michael first realised their unique benefits for injuries when he started his job as the first trainer at Kx Pilates 10 years ago. With further clinical training in Melbourne and London with the likes of DMA and Redcord, Michael is able to incorporate his clinical analysis skills with dynamic exercises to get the best of both worlds.

Michael’s treatment plan for you will also include using his hands to poke, prod, knead, pull and stretch to ensure you get the right level of manual therapy. (He likes to tell his patients that his techniques come from spending years of working in the Pancake Parlour kitchen part-time whilst studying at university.) This treatment plan may also include dry needling which he employs if he believes it is clinically indicated.

Michael’s other interests include falls prevention and strength training for the aged. Nothing makes him prouder than training an 80 year old, who can barely stand from a chair, to be able to get up and down from the floor.

Apart from his obsession with sport and exercise, Michael spends his free time reading history and learning Spanish (just don’t expect him to make any sense).

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