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Physiotherapy Moorabbin

If you want to improve joint mobility, strengthen muscles and work to reduce, manage and eliminate pain then physiotherapy might be for you. At Victory Park Health we’re the best of the best for services in physiotherapy in Moorabbin ‘near me’.

We use our very own on-site rehab gym to help our patients develop an individualised strategy for combatting their pain or source of discomfort. Our team also help to re-educate muscles, providing long-term solutions and providing our patients with the tools and knowledge to actively work in their own lives to maintain their health and mobility.

Our practitioners know that no two people or injuries are the same, and work closely with all our patients to provide a tailored and effective treatment plan.

Contact Victory Park Health today to learn more about why we’re one of the most trusted names in physiotherapy for Moorabbin patients recovering from conditions including serious sporting injuries and joint or muscle stiffness.

Pilates Moorabbin

At Victory Park Health our team are leading experts when it comes to Pilates in Moorabbin. Don’t put up with stubborn or niggling pain any longer, our treatments help to focus on individual muscles, depending on the needs of the patient, and ensuring faster, more evident results than those available through a more general Pilates program. Our programs are also a popular option for those looking to recover from sporting injuries, helping to build and strengthen muscle groups throughout the body and aid in increasing flexibility and coordination.

So when it comes to comprehensive Pilates Moorabbin residents can always turn to Victory Park Health’s team of qualified experts for one-on-one treatment and lasting relief from muscle and joint pain.

Visit our clinic today to find out more. We’re close to public transport and have ample parking space to accommodate all our patients.

Myotherapy Moorabbin

At Victory Park Health we’ve established a reputation as the most trusted name in myotherapy in Moorabbin. If you’re suffering from a soft tissue injury or experiencing limited joint mobility myotherapy can help you to take back your health through treatments like massage and dry needling. Our team work closely with each individual patient and closely consult with our other experts to arrive at a treatment solution that will benefit the patient directly, and will show noticeable and lasting results.

All our treatments are carried out in our on-site gym, a first for clinics across Melbourne. This allows all of our practitioners to monitor the progress and recovery of each of our valued patients, and ensure the easy and accurate distribution and sharing of information and patient histories.

To learn more about how the team at Victory Park Health can help you improve your overall health and wellbeing with targeted myotherapy Moorabbin residents can simply pick up the phone and call 03 8506 9995.

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