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Robyn King

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Robyn completed a BHSc (Clinical Myotherapy) in 2022. She can help you understand and modify the factors contributing to your pain. Because nothing should stop you doing the things you enjoy and realising your full potential.

With an in-depth knowledge of the neuro-musculoskeletal system Robyn can provide pain relief and improve associated stiffness, weakness, emotional stress etc through manual therapies such as massage, muscle energy techniques (aka PNF), dry needling, joint mobilisations and also through exercise prescription and education.

A recent graduate, she has already had success treating:

– pain caused by poor posture (low back & neck discomfort)
– hip pain (including osteoarthritis)
– tension and neck-related headaches
– carpel tunnel syndrome / thoracic outlet syndrome
– common sports injuries of the elbow and knee

Robyn enjoys working with clients who are contemplating or already committed to making positive changes for healthy ageing. She gets immense satisfaction helping clients conquer persistent pain to achieve their goals. She can help you identify your goals, workshop movement plans that work for you and facilitate pain relief with education and manual therapies.

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